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Simplify cloud adoption by simplifying integration

Published on 21 February 2012 | Filed under: Cloud Solutions

Always put the customer first. Of course, it’s easier to say this than do it. IT systems are a good example.

For the end user, IT should be as simple as possible. After all, a system is a business tool. It exists to help reach a specific goal: to increase profitability.

But traditional IT systems are a drain on business resources.

80% of the money invested in IT is for maintenance not innovation. The infrastructures are old and lack power. They struggle to handle modern business demands.

Anyone who patches up these systems to keep them running is not putting the customer first. This applies whether you regard the IT customer as the business or its clients. Neither party gains any benefit from clunky, slow systems.

Cloud adoption is booming

This explains why cloud adoption is booming. Businesses are rejecting the idea of hosting their own hardware and systems. Instead, they’re switching to flexible and cost-effective cloud systems.

You can still come across problems, though. When you make a decision to switch to cloud computing, you must integrate the process. The last thing you want is an uncoordinated service. You could end up with a sprawling, complex system incapable of delivering the savings and efficiency you were expecting.

Proper integration is critical

Proper integration must be simple, secure and fast. To achieve this, LETN recommends HP CloudSystem.

HP CloudSystem is an extension of HP’s market-leading converged infrastructure system. It eliminates the problems of expense and inefficiency posed by outdated IT.

HP CloudSystem gives you:

• A secure private cloud
• Complete flexibility
• Seamlessly combined services
• Faster business processes
• Automated management
• An infrastructure you can use with a range of operating systems

The benefits you receive are:

• Lower costs
• The latest technology
• No more capital expenditure on servers and networks
• Less time spent on management of IT
• Rapid, straightforward integration

Simplified integration makes cloud adoption easier. It frees you up to focus on what you do best. You can put your customers first.

LETN is a preferred partner for the sale of HP CloudSystem. Contact us now for more details of how HP can give your business the edge you need.

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