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Give your business a competitive advantage: move email to the cloud

Published on 12 March 2012 | Filed under: Cloud Solutions, IT Infrastructure

If you’ve been in business for a while, you’ve probably built up a lot of email accounts. Some of these relate to the staff in your offices. Others provide contact points for customers, suppliers and partners. And yet more are the email addresses of those staff who use mobile phones, tablets and laptops for business. All in all, you have quite a bundle of emails you need to manage.

Email management

Email management has three major risks:

• Cost
• Complexity
• Lack of control

You have to keep on top of these risks. You need to ensure the email process runs smoothly. Effective communication, customer orders and document transfers, to name but some of the issues, depend on this. But management of a diverse email environment with traditional IT is far from easy.

Think differently: move email to the cloud

It’s possible to make email management a lot less difficult. Instead of keeping the process in-house, outsource it. Use a software-as-a-service solution such as Mimecast, and move your email to the cloud.

Mimecast is unified email management software. It gives you a complete answer to the headache of managing email in-house. With Mimecast, you:

• Cut costs
• Keep things simple
• Gain comprehensive control
• Reduce risk to a minimum

Resolve specific email problems

You know your business’ problems with email management better than anyone. Mimecast can address them all. You no longer have to worry about:

• Email downtime. Uptime with Mimecast is 100%.
• Support for Blackberry, Windows Mobile and WebMail. Mimecast offers full support for each of these.
• Security. Mimecast gives full security protection.
• Access to controls and policies. With Mimecast, you have full access.
• Data migration between versions of email applications. Mimecast handles migration seamlessly.

Email archiving

Another traditional problem with email management is email archiving. Use Mimecast and its SaaS technology, and you can archive emails securely for 10 years or more. You can have a full record of your stored internal and external emails. And users can search for archived emails with Outlook or WebMail. You can even retrieve deleted or lost emails.


Finally, when you install Mimecast, you don’t have to train anybody. As far as users are concerned, it’s business as usual.

Give your company a competitive advantage. Cut costs, reduce complexity and avoid downtime. Switch to Mimecast, an effective SaaS solution.

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